Aetna Springs
1600 Aetna Springs Road, Pope Valley, CA, United States
AETNA SPRINGS is a scenic and historic resort property planned as a luxury destination community on more than 3,100 acres in northern Napa County. The property includes a 710-acre, partially developed Resort Parcel to the west, bisected by Aetna Springs Road; plus three large Development Parcels totaling approximately 2,390 acres eight miles to the east, near Lake Luciana. The Resort Parcel is comprised of operating vineyards, a 9-hole golf course and modern clubhouse (currently closed), a partially constructed resort village and 16 (of the total 44) planned estate lots.
THE 9-HOLE GOLF COURSE at Aetna Springs originally opened in 1892 and was masterfully renovated in 2008 by famed architect Tom Doak. The $4 million project included new greens, bunkers, irrigation and pump systems. The award-winning, two-story clubhouse features a commercial kitchen and modern motif with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The clubhouse features expansive views and complements the golf course beautifully. The golf course is currently closed, but could be reopened.
THE RESORT VILLAGE includes entitlements for an exclusive, 80-unit luxury resort with 70 traditional guest rooms in a campus setting, plus 10 luxury tent lodges. Significant development work has already been completed and the project is permit-ready with the adoption of the developer’s current vision. The Resort Village is part of the Resort Parcel and contemplates the redevelopment of this historic turn-of-the-century village south of Aetna Springs Road, along Aetna Springs Creek.
THE VINEYARDS at Aetna Springs (Resort Parcel) total 27 acres in the prestigious Napa Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA). Situated just south of the Resort Village, the vineyards are currently leased to a third party operator and produced 82 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon, Petite Syrah and Sauvignon Musque grapes in the 2016 harvest that were sold to premier wine labels. Aetna Springs is entitled for an on-site winery and production of 57,000 gallons of wine annually.
LAKE LUCIANA and the extended community of Turkey Hill feature 28 of the total 44 planned estate lots, with sweeping vineyard, lake and valley views. Lake Luciana is a private lake 8 miles east of the Resort Parcel. Along the east side of Lake Luciana is a large, 195-acre amenity parcel previously planned for a golf course. 150 acres at Lake Luciana have been contemplated for vineyards. Turkey Hill features a 3.7-acre vineyard with 6.6 adjacent acres suitable for additional planting.
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